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Concertos and Concertinos for Violin

Concertinos (along with studies) should make up a large part of a young student's repertoire. There is an ideal Concertino for students at every stage or grade of their instrumental education. The precise order one should follow may vary from Student to Student and from Teacher to Teacher. Violin Students are particularly lucky with the Concertino repertoire in print. Studying these masterpieces, these miniature, condensed compostitions in the four main styles (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century) will lead any aspiring young Violinist who learns them, and uses them in Public School concerts, to acquire good technique and musicianship. Naturally the repertoire needs the support of a good program of etude or study material to give it technical strength and backing. The advantage of Concerto repertoire is that it encourages an outgoing and extrovert Soloist's tone and a Virtuoso style, so suited to the character of the instrument. Having discovered the beauty of the first few works, perhaps the Indian Concertino, Kuchler Op.11, and the Nikolic, and having studied, played and polished off one's phrasing to performing standard, the young Violinist will discover countless Concertos, jewel after jewel, with which to develop his or her playing. Work hard and enjoy the repertoire!


Learning from Student Concertinos

I think it's fair to say one needs a couple of years of short encore pieces before tackling the easiest Concertino on the list. Ideally, in the lower grades (1-3) one wants to tackle 6-8 of these pieces, and really play them well. Then, with the study and consolidation of 3rd position, (Wohlfahrt Studies Op74, book 2 in 3rd position are wonderful for this) one really enters intermediate level (grades 4-5) playing in 5th position... and this is now prime Concertino territory! From this stage until the upper grades, one can cruise very well on Concertinos alone, though I would strongly advise, in addition, studies by Wohlfahrt, Kayser, and Sitt. A good student should learn 20-25 of these works. I know it sounds a lot, but there's a lot of material to cover, and nowhere else can such consistently good quality writing for the instrument be found, at these specific intermediate levels. Listening, and obtaining Accompaniment CDs (in the absence of a live Piano accompanist) to these Concerti is highly recommended. I have a column, in the Concertino list, which gives the rough level of difficulty on average of each work. I hereby encourage all students who have managed to master a few of these Concertinos to actively seek out, and learn new ones. Listening to them first is a must, and I list some CDs one can buy for this very purpose. I would say that the passage from lower to upper grades can certainly be achieved by following a rich Student Concerto diet. Technique, expression, and the slighty "larger scale" style required to play these works will guarantee a firmness and robustness of technique. The steps taken here will remain in one's playing for life... this should be the daily 'bread and butter' repertoire of the Intermediate level Student, and with the help of this database, I would say there is no excuse for not working and progressing every step of the way: May the learning begin!


Publishers of Concertinos

A good publisher for Violin Concertinos is Bosworth. They list them in sections, depending on how many positions are covered in each work. For example the Concertino in E minor by Hans Sitt covers positions 1-5. This can help to give an idea of the difficulty of each Concertino. deHaske also publish some good Concertinos and include demo and accompaniment CDs. Likewise DOWANI do the same, and have a 3 tempi system (slow medium and fast) to play along to. DOWANI demos are particularly well played, as they have chosen very good Russian Violinists to play the demonstration tracks. Peters ed. (Music Partner) have some Concerti, particularly by Bach Vivaldi and Mozart, rather than the Student Concerti by Reiding, Sitt and Küchler. Schirmer publish an excellent 1 volume collection of 5 Schüler-Konzert (School Concertinos) by Seitz and Barenreiter too have started publishing Student Concertinos. Editio Musica Budapest (EMB), PWM, Schott, Butorac, Fischer, Presser and others also publish student concertinos. Below is a little collection of front covers; I can't include them all but... there are still many in print, and I actually use and teach or have taught over 80 of these little jewels.


Barenreiter Edition Bosworth publisher de haske with demo and accomp CD Dowani also provide an excellent demo and accomp CD Fischer with accomp CD Peters Edition Edition Butorac Editio Musica Budapest


Listening to Concertinos

I would say this is a very important activity. Only once a student has heard beautiful music can he or she reproduce it. The great Violinist David Oistrakh produced a record of such Concertinos. Perlman too recorded a well known CD called Concertos from my Childhood. This includes Rieding's Op.35 Concerto in B minor, Seitz's Schuler-Konzert n2 Op 13, Accolay's Concerto n1 in A minor, De Beriot's Scene de Ballet Op.100 and Viotti's 22nd Concerto in A Minor recorded for EMI with the Julliard Orchestra. The Polish Violinist Wanda Wilkomirska recorded in 1957 (though the sound is surprisingly good and comes highly recommended) a collection of Children's Concerti and Encore pieces. These recordings have been made into a CD and contain Accolay Concerto in A Minor, Martini Gavotte, Tchaikovsky Encore piece, Handel Bourree, Charles Dancla Mazurka in A minor, Wieniawski Polish Piece Op.12 n2 and the first movement of Viotti's Concerto n23 in G major. Below Right, a Student Concerto CD called Violin Concertos played by the Violinist Michael Gantvarg with Orchestra from St. Petersburg, Russia. It includes the Accolay Concerto in A minor, Seitz n2 in G, Rieding B minor Op.35, Vivaldi Concertos in G and A minor and the Bach A minor. Next, from Kasimir Records, KAS 901, there is a CD recorded by Violinist Elizabeth Glass, Concertmaster of the Deutsche Oper, Berlin, of Concertos by Huber Op.7, Kuchler Op.15, Rieding Op.25, Seitz Op.12, Komarowski n1 in E minor and Ortmans Op.12. It is entitled Konzerte fur Kleine Geiger. (Konzerte für kleine Geiger, Schülerkonzerte für Violine). At the time of writing this last CD is unavailable on Amazon UK but it is on Amazon DE.


Perlman Childhood Concertos Cover EMI Wanda Wilkomirska For Children CD Cover Violin Concertos played by Michael Gantvarg CD Cover


Another set of 3 CDs with Polish Violinists Tadeusz Gadzina, Jan Stanienda, Krzysztof Podejko and Bartlomiej Niziol with Ladomirski Andrzej in the third volume is produced by DUX and is more than noteworthy. Violin Concertos for Children vol.1 contains Rieding B minor Concerto Op.35, Rieding G Major Concerto Op.34, Vivaldi Concerto in G Major Op.7n2, Huber Concertino in F Major Op.7, Kuchler Concertino in D Major Op.15 (in the style of Vivaldi), Seitz Concerto in G Op.13, Rieding Concertino in A minor Op.21 (in Hungarian Style), Rieding Concertino in D Major Op.25, Bacewicz Concertino in G major and Accolay Concerto in A minor. Violin Concertos for Children vol.2 includes Vivaldi Concerto in G RV310, Seitz Concerto in G Minor Op.12n3, Hollander A Minor Concerto Op.62 part 1, Ortmans Concertino in A minor Op.12, de Beriot Concerto n9 in A minor Op.104, de Beriot Concerto n7 in G Op.76 first movement, Viotti Concerto 22 in A Minor 1st movement, Haydn Concerto in G 1st Movement and Mozart 'Adelaide' Concero in D Kv 294a part 1. Violin Concertos for Children vol.3 has just been released and it consists (I wish Amazon UK would list the Composers!) of Bacewicz Concertino in G major, Huber Concertino in F Op.7, Janschinow Concertino Op.35, Komarowski Concerto n2 and Concertino in G, Krejci Concertino in B minor, Seitz Concerto in G Op.13 and Sitt Concertino in A minor (1st position) Op.93. The playing is quite outstanding, as you would expect from Polish Violinists. One small criticism is that Volume 3 repeats 3 Concerti from Volume 1; the Huber, Bacewics and the Seitz Op.12. At least they are not the same recording, though. The final word is that this 3 CD set with covers shown below is definitely warmly recommended. Mp3 or Flac (lossless audio) downloads are available from sites all over the World.


Violin Concertos for Children 1 CD Cover Violin Concertos for Children 2 CD Cover Violin Concertos for Children 3 CD Cover




I will list the contents of the 3 Polish CDs now (since on Amazon it is hard to make out the composers)

Vol. 1=10 Concerti / 2=9 Concerti / 3=8 Concerti (3 are duplicates) = Total. 24 Concerti.


Violin Concertos for Children Vol.1

0101 Rieding Concerto in B Minor Op35 Allegro Moderato

0102 ______________I. Andante

0103 ______________II. Allegro Moderato

0104 Rieding Concerto in G Op34 Allegro Moderato

0105 ______________II. Lento

0106 ______________III. Allegro Moderato

0107 Vivaldi Concerto in G Op7n2 1st Movement

0108 ______________II. Largo Cantabile

0109 ______________III. Allegro

0110 Huber Concerto in F Complete

0111 Kuchler Concertino in Vivaldi Style Op15 Complete

0112 Seitz Concerto in G Op13 Complete

0113 Rieding Concertino in Hungarian Style Op21 Complete

0114 Rieding Concertino in D Op25 Allegro Moderato

0115 ______________II. Andante

0116 ______________III. Allegro

0117 Bacewicz Concertino in G Allegro Moderato

0118 ______________II. Romance

0119 ______________III. Finale

0120 Accolay Concerto in A minor complete


Violin Concertos for Children Vol.2

0201 Vivaldi Concerto in G Op3n3 Allegro

0202 ______________II. Largo

0203 ______________III. Allegro

0204 Seitz Concerto in G minor Complete

0205 Hollander Concerto in A minor

0206 Ortmans Concertino in A minor

0207 DeBeriot Concerto in A minor Op104 Allegro Maestoso

0208 ______________II. Adagio

0209 ______________III. Rondo. Allegretto moderato

0210 DeBeriot Concerto n7 Op76 Allegro Maestoso

0211 Viotti Concerto n22 1st Movement Moderato

0212 Haydn Concerto in G 1st Movement

0213 Mozart Adelaide Concerto 1st Movement Kv294a


Violin Concertos for Children Vol.3

0301 Komarowski Concerto 2 in A Allegro giocoso

0302 ______________II. Andante Doppio movimento Tempo I

0303 ______________III. Allegro molto Presto

0304 Krejci Concertino in B Minor Allegro

0305 ______________II. Andante

0306 ______________III. Allegro

0307 Huber Concertino in F Major Op. 7

0308 Komarowski Concertino in G Major Allegro

0309 Janschinow Russian Style Concertino Op35 Complete

0310 Sitt Concertino A Mi Op93 Allegro moderato

0311 ______________II. Andante

0312 ______________III. Allegretto

0313 Bacewicz Concertino Allegro moderato

0314 ______________II. Romance Andante

0315 ______________III. Finale Vivace

0316 Seitz Concerto 2 G Ma Op13 Allegro non troppo

0317 ______________II. Adagio Andante

0318 ______________III. Allegretto moderato


WPS Student Concerto Listening CD

This is an altogetherdifferent listening CD for Westbury Park Strings pupils. Not available commercially and not for sale.

Contents are as follows:

01 Vivaldi Concerto in G Op.3 n3 (tracks 1-3)

02 Gluck Happy Dance (track 4)

03 Rieding B minor Concerto Op.35 (tracks 5-7)

04 Kayser Study in C (track 8)

05 Kuchler Concerto in the style of Vivaldi (tracks 9-11)

06 Wohlfahrt Study in G (track 12)

07 Rieding Concerto in G (tracks 13-15)

08 Kuchler Concerto in G Op.11 (tracks 16-18)

09 Kayser Study in A (track 19)

10 Vivaldi Double Violin Concerto in A minor (tracks 20-22)


List of Concertino Composers

A short summary of Composers who have written Concertinos


Accolay, Jean-Baptiste (pseudonym for Henri Vieuxtemps)

Bacewicz, Grazyna (1909-1969) Female Polish Violinist and Composer. Studied in Warsaw then Paris with Nadia Boulanger. Taught at the Lodz conservatory after the war. Wrote 4 symphonies.

Baklanova, Natalja (1902-1985) Rusiian Violinist and Composer

Coerne, Louis Adolphe (1870-1922) American Composer born in Newark, New Jersey. Wrote pedagogical pieces for the Piano.

Have, William Ten (1831-1924) Born in Amsterdam studied under Charles deBeriot. Taught at Lyon, and remained in France for the rest of his life.

Huber, Adolf (1872-1946) (Gustav Adolf Huber) German Musician, Teacher and Composer. Studied at the Leipzig Conservatory.

Janschinow, Alexei (1871-1932) Listed on IMSLP as Yanshinov, Aleksey (also Janchinoff)

Járdányi, Pál (1920-1966) Hungarian Composer and Music Educator. Student of Kodaly. Studied and taught at the Budapest Conservatory. Co-Author of a Hungarian Violin Method.

Kalliwoda Johann Wenzel (1801-1866) b.Krtitel Václav Kalivoda born in Prague; was a Composer, Conductor and Violinist.

Komarowski, Anatoli (1909-1955). Rusiian Violinist, Composer and Conductor. Studied in Moscow, and worked there as well as in Novosibirsk and Tula.

Krejci, Karel (b.June 12, 1903-1984) Czech Violinist and Pedagogue from Prague.

Küchler, Ferdinand (1867-1937) German Violinist and Violist. Pedagogue and Composer. Taught in Basel and Leipzig. His "Course of Violin Instruction" publ. Hug-Verlag, Zürich was a major cornerstone of instruction until the 1960s.

Mach, Stanislav (1906-1975) Czech Composer and Teacher. Violinist with pedagogy based on the Sevcik School.

Millies, Hans Mollenhauer (1883-1957) was a German Violinist and Composer. Left a Concertino in the style of Mozart and a Concerto in the style of Haydn.

Mokry, Jiri This may refer to (1921-1997) Jarmil Michael Mokry (Jarmil Burghauser) a Czech Composer who also catalogued Dvorak's music.

Nikolic, Petar All I know is he was Bulgarian Violinist. I can't find any info on him.

Ortmans, René (1863-1949) German / French (possibly) Violinist who lived in London. Left 2 delightful Student Concertos similar to those by Rieding.

Portnoff, Leo (1875-1940) Musician, Teacher and Composer born in Kiev. Professor in Berlin for a decade, then moved to America in 1922. Moved to Florida, to teach at the University of Miami.

Perlman, George (1897-2000) Born in the Ukraine. Parents immigrated to Chicago where he became a Violin teacher and wrote pieces for his students which reflect his Jewish heritage.

Rieding, Oskar (1840-1918) German Violinist, studied in Berlin and Leipzig, then became leader of an orchestra in Vienna for three decades. Retired to Slovenia.

Seitz, Friedrich (1848-1918) German Romantic era Composer, Violinist and Conductor.

Sitt, Hans (Jan Hanus Sitt) (1850-1922) Bohemian Violinist, Violist, Teacher and Composer. Born in Prague where he attended the Conservatory. Studied with Bennewitz and composition with Krejci. Taught at the Leipzig Conservatory.

His violin compositions are all scholarly and dignified works that fall readily under the fingers of typical violinists and violists, and some of the slow movements from his concertos display evidence of real genius.




From Left to Right : Rieding, Bacewicz, Sitt, Kuchler, Coerne, Portnoff


List of Student Concertos and Concertinos

(Concertino = short Concerto, possibly condensed into 1 movement)

So far I have listed 96 works (including the most important works which I own and teach (marked in bold) and may add just a few more.

No doubt there are others in existence, but these are the more famous works which you are more likely to come across.

Imslp published works can be downloaded from the Petrucci Music Library (considered free public domain.)

Concertos by Viotti, Vivaldi, Haydn, Mozart (Attrib.), DeBeriot, Rode and others are often used as student Concertos, but are not listed here: They are listed on the Concerto page.

Lastly, there is a category of Student Concerto which is essentially a copy and simplified arrangement of a famous violin concerto, but I do not approve of these; it's better to have an original work.


ComposerTitleOpusPositionPublisherGradeOwnRecNotes / Accompaniment SourcesYouTube Link


AccolayConcertino 1 in A minor 1-5thKalmus / Dowani / IMC7YYDowani publish it with Demo / Accomp CD

AccolayConcertino 2 in D minor 1-6thKalmus7Y Accolay's 3 Concertos are published in one volume

AccolayConcertino 3 in E minor 1-6thKalmus7Y by Kalmus. The IMC edition of the A minor is by Gingold.

BacewiczConcertino in G 1-3rddehaske or PWM4YYdehaske publish this with demo / accomp CD

BaklanovaConcertino in D minor 1st

Hofmeister / Peters


3Y Published in 8 Light Pieces; Music Partner accomp CD

BeerConcertino in G301stLienau, Berlin2y piano part only

BeerConcertino in E minor471stBosworth    

BeerConcertino in D minor811stBosworth3Y Accompaniment CD from Play It

BohmConcertino3701-3rd 6Y  

CoerneConcertino in D631-3rdBosworth / Imslp5Y Free download from Petrucci Music Library

CurciConcertino in A minor  Curci Y A favourite in Italian Schools

DecsényiConcertino  EMB / Schott   27 pages Violin and Piano reduction

DrdlaConcertino in A minor2251-8thBosworth8Y 32 pages Bosworth

EssekConcertino in G41stBosworth2  24 pages. Paul Essek

GselhoferChildren's Sonatina 1st 2Y (Not a Concertino obviously)

HadjievConcertino      Bulgarian

HaveConcerto301-8thImslp8  Free download from Petrucci Music Library

HertelConcertino in C 1-3rd 4Y see

HollanderConcerto in A minor621-4thRussian Edition7YYsee / Trickier than Accolay

HristoskovConcertino n1 in D 1stRussian Edition3Y see

HuberStudent Concertino n2 in G61-3rdImslp3Y Free download from Petrucci Music Library

HuberConcertino in F71stdehaske3YYaccomp. CD from dehaske

HuberStudents Concertino n4 in G81stFischer2Y Barber 1

JansaConcertino in D (1836)541-3rdImslp / Eulenburg4  see duo-klier.com

JardanyiConcertino 1stdehaske4YYdehaske publish this with demo / accomp CD

JanschinowConcertino in Russian Style351stdehaske3YYdehaske publish this with demo / accomp CD

KabalevskyConcerto in C 1- 8thPeters / IMC8Y Piano-Accompaniments.com

KalliwodaConcertino n1 in E (1829)151-8thImslp8Y Free download from Petrucci Music Library

KeosayanConcertino in G minor  SEARCHING   Sergei Keosayan ; Armenian Composer

KomarowskiConcerto n1 in E minor (1947) 1-7thPeters Ed7Y Play It do an accomp. CD (not easy to follow)

KomarowskiConcerto n2 in A (1950) 1-5thPeters Ed5YYWps Accomp.

KomarowskiConcertino in G 1stHofmeister2YY

KomarowskiConcerto n3 in D 1stRussian Ed.4Y

KozakowskiChildren's Concertino 1stPdf1Y W Kozakowski : Polish

KrejcíConcertino in B minor 1stSupraphon1YYA fabulous Concertino to start with

KrejcíConcertino 2 in G 1stpub. Praha 1971   I am looking for this! please email [email protected]

KrejcíConcertino 3 in B flat 1stpub. Praha 1948    

KrejciConcertino in A minor 1st      

KuchlerConcertino in G111stBosworth / Dowani2YYDowani publish it with Demo / Accomp CD

KuchlerConcertino in D121-3rdBosworth or dehaske3YYdehaske publish this with demo / accomp CD

KuchlerConcertino in D "Vivaldi Style"151-3rdPeters / Bosworth4YYDowani publish it with Demo / Accomp CD  / Barber 2

MachConcertino in A minor54n2     Stanislav Mach

MachConcertino in B minor118     Published 1964

MachConcertino Facile      I am looking for this! please email [email protected]://

MachConcertino in A601st 2Y

MendelssohnStudent Concerto in D minor2131stFischer3YYThis might be Arnold Mendelssohn or the young Felix

MilliesConcertino in the style of Mozart 1stBosworth3YYdehaske also publish this

MilliesConcerto in the style of Haydn 1-7thBosworth7Y  

MistowskiConcertino in A minor 1-5thBosworth    

MokryConcertino in G 1stBosworth2Y Accompaniment CD from Play It

MoniuszkoConcertino 1st 1  Stanislav Moniuszko (1819-1872) Polish Composer

MozartAdelaide Concerto Anh.294a     Attributed to Mozart bbut actually by publisher Marius Casadesus

MuscatConcertino in D minor111st      

NikolicConcerto in G 1stWps2Y Probably not in print anywhere

OrtmansConcertino n1 in A minor121-5thPwm5YYPrint on Demand - Similar to Accolay 1 but slightly easier

OrtmansConcertino n2 in D14     In 1 movement

PerlmanIndian Concertino (1954) 1stFischer or dehaske1YYdehaske publish this with demo / accomp CD

PerlmanIsraeli Concertino 1-3rddehaske6YYdehaske publish this with demo / accomp CD

PerlmanConcertino in A minor 1stTheodore Presser3Y

PortnoffConcerto in G minor81-6thIMSLP7  IMSLP

PortnoffConcerto in D minor91stIMSLP2  IMSLP

PortnoffConcertino in E minor131stBosworth3Y IMSLP

PortnoffConcertino in A minor141-3rdBosworth5Y Requires vibrato, excellent shifting

PortnoffConcertino in A minor181stIMSLP2  IMSLP

PortnoffConcertino in D921-5thHeinrichshofen's Verlag6    

PortnoffConcertino in D941-3rdHeinrichshofen's Verlag5  Heinrichshofen's Verlag - Wilhelmshaven

PortnoffConcertino in D minor951-3rdHeinrichshofen's Verlag5    

PortnoffConcertino in D minor961-3rdHeinrichshofen's Verlag4  also Edition Butorac - Munchen / also dehaske with CD1 recording on Youtube

PortnoffConcertino in G971-3rdHeinrichshofen's Verlag5    

ReineckeConcertino in G 1stBosworth3Y  

RiedingConcerto in D (1896)51-5thEMB / Fischer5Y

RiedingConcerto in E minor (1899)71-9thBosworth8Y

RiedingConertino in A minor "Hungarian Style"211-3rdBosworth / Dowani6YYRieding's 2nd most famous Concerto

RiedingConcertino in G (1904)241-5thBosworth Dowani5YYDowani publish it with Demo / Accomp CD / Barber 2

RiedingConcertino in D (1904)251-5thBosworth / Dowani5YYDowani publish it with Demo / Accomp CD

RiedingConcerto in G (1909)341stBosworth / Dowani4YYDowani publish it with Demo / Accomp CD

RiedingConcerto in B minor (1909)351stBosworth or Dowani3YYRieding's most famous Concerto

RiedingConcerto in D (1911)361stBosworth / Dowani4YYDowani publish it with Demo / Accomp CD

RomanConcerto in D minor BeRi 49      Swedish Baroque Composer (not really a student concertino)

SanfilippoStudent Concerto        

SeitzStudent Concerto n1 in D71-7thFischer or Schirmer6Y / Play It (hard to follow)

SeitzStudent Concerto n3 in G / Barber 2

SeitzStudent Concerto n2 in G131stSchirmer / Dowani2YYDowani publish it with Demo / Accomp CD

SeitzStudent Concerto n4 in D151-3rdSchirmer4Y Piano-Accompaniments.com

SeitzStudent Concerto n5 in D221stSchirmer / Dowani3YYPiano-Accompaniments.com

SeitzStudent Concerto n6 in G (1907)31      

SeitzStudent Concerto n7 in D minor (1907)32      

SeitzStudent Concerto n8 in G (1910)38      

SeyboldKonzertino in D Dur1121-3rdD Rahter Leipzig Milano4  Arthur Seybold,_Op.112_(Seybold,_Arthur)

SittConcerto n1 in D minor (1884)111-7thBreitkopf7Y  

SittConcerto n2 in A minor (1884)211-7thLeuckart7Y (in the clip it is played on the viola)

SittConcertino n1 in A minor (1888)281-10thImslp7Y Free download from Petrucci Music Library

SittConcertino n2 in E minor (1889)311-3rdFischer or Schirmer5Y see

SittConcert Piece in D minor461-7thEulenburg / Schott8Y see (clip played on viola)

SittConcertino n3 in D minor (1896)651-5thEulenburg / Schott7Y  

SittConcertino in A minor (1898)701-5thBosworth7Y Wps accomp (first movement)

SittConcertino in A Minor (1906)931stSchott4YY

SittStudent Concertino n1 in C (1909)1041stFischer3Y  

SittStudent Concertino n2 in A minor (1909)1081-3rdFischer4Y University of Rochester

SittStudent Concertino n3 in D minor (1911)1101-5thFischer6Y see

SittConcerto n3 in D minor (1912)111 Schott    

SpearingConcertino Movement in the style of Vivaldi 1st 1Y From Mary Cohen's "Superstart Level 2"

Sugar  1-3rd?EMB4?  Hungarian Composer

TseitlinGrand Concertino in style of Mendelssohn      Michael Tseitlin

VenzlConcertino in A minor1121-7th      

WiltbergerConcertino in E minor751-3rdImslp3Y Free download from Petrucci Music Library

Possible order of study program for Student Concertos and Concertinos


This is just one possible program of study. It will vary considerably according to each student's needs. 20 -25 Concertos are required to turn you into a promising Violinist. It is tempting to rush head first and devour concerto after concerto with such a list as the one I present here. However, the key is to play each piece superbly well. I would say if there are gaps (there certainly are in this list) where a student has not quite absorbed all they can and is not quite in control of their Concerto, then other Concertos of a similar standard should be added, to allow the student time to mature and consolidate their playing before moving on to the next level. This is a concept I repeat over and over on this site, because the real key is not to play something hard until you can play something easy (well). This rule, once broken quickly leads down a path of tears, confusion and disappointment.


Krejci : Concertino in B minor then Perlman : Indian Concertino (1st position, with 4th finger)

Spearing : Concertino Movement in Vivaldi style (1st position)

Kuchler : Concertino in G Op.11 (1st position)

Nikolic : Concertino in G or Seitz : Student Concerto n2 in G Op.13 or Mokry Concertino in G (all 1st position)

Komarowski : Concertino in G (1st position) or Huber : Concertino in G Op.8 (1st position)

Janschinow : Concertino in Russian Style (1st position) or Portnoff Concerto in E minor Op.13 (1st position)

Rieding : Concerto in B minor Op.35 (1st position)

Rieding : Concerto in D Op.34 (1st position) or Komarowski : Concertino 3 in D (1st position)

Kuchler : Concerto in D Op.12 (1-3 position)

Kuchler : Concerto in the style of Vivaldi Op.15 (1-3 position)

Vivaldi : Concerto in G Op.3n3 (1-3 position)

Portnoff : Concerto in A minor Op.14 (1-3 position)

Perlman : Israeli Concertino (1-3 position) or  Sitt : Concerto in E minor Op.31 (1-3 position)

Rieding : Concerto in Hungarian Style Op.21 (1-3 position) or Seitz : Student Concerto n4 in D Op.15 (1-3 position)

Rieding : Concerto in G Op.24 (1-5 position) or Rieding : Concerto in D Op.25 (1-5 position)

Komarowski : Concerto n2 in A (1-5 position)

Accolay : Concerto n1 in A minor (1-5 position) or Ortmans (easier) or Hollander (harder)

Sitt : Concertino in A minor Op.70 (1-5 position)

Rieding : Concerto in E minor Op.7 (1-9 position) or Komarowski : Concerto n1 in E minor (1-7 position)

Kabalevsky : Concerto in C

Now continue with Concertos of the French School by Viotti, Kreutzer, Rode, the Franco-Belgian School with those of DeBeriot, Vieuxtemps and German Concerti by Spohr.


Links to Concertino Sources (especially those with downloadable pdf sheet music)


CD Baby : Another Site you can buy and dowload music from (good quality files)

Duo Klier : Have a Violin Teacher's corner and a Concertino page with links to downloadable files (some from Wps)

EClassical : This is where I bought and downloaded Flac (lossless audio codec) and mp3s of listening CDs I recommend

EClassica : Accompaniment from Poland

Last FM : Link to Komarowski Concerto n2 Accompaniment in mp3 format, published by Wps

Music Studio : Polish site (try Google translate) offering downloadable accompaniment tracks. Hollander, The 2 Komarowski Concertos, Mozart 1.

Musicus IT : Italian web site for exchanging sheet music with other members

Mutopia Project : Free Sheet Music for everyone

Petrucci Music Library : IMSLP Free Public Domain Archive of Classical Sheet Music

Piano Accompaniments : dot com offer accompaniment track to your favourite classical music. Seitz Concerti 1-5, Accolay and Kabalevsky.

Sheet Music Trade : Publich Domain Sheet Music

UR Research : Downloadable scores from the University or Rochester

Vioolschool Sillum : Violin Teachers in Amsterdam. Great source of info and parts.



Concertino YouTube Links


Some links to Concertino performances and clips that are useful for students just starting out with a particular Concerto that they are unfamiliar with.

The quality of playing will vary; and I will do my best to link good, presentable performances of the works. YouTube changes daily, so this list will not last in terms of accuracy or being up-to-date.


Bacewicz : Concertino in G

Baklanova : Concertino in D minor

Henri_Vieuxtemps YouTube Channel (Audio plus score following of Concertinos)

Huber : Concertino in G

Komarowski : Concerto n1 in E minor 1st Movement  another 1st mov

Komarowski, Concerto No. 2 in A major, 1st Movement another Version 1st Movement

Ortmans Concertino in A minor YouTube

Perlman Israeli Concertino Score and Recording on YouTube and Indian Concertino Score and Recording

Rieding : B minor Concerto Op35 all movements piano accomp

Rieding : Hungarian Concerto Op21 complete

Sitt : Concertino Op31 part 1


My Personal Favourite Concertino

Sitt, Hans : Concertino in A minor Op.93 published by Schott. Order number EES 183


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